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In the UK, there is an estimated 500,000 adults with an Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) in the UK with only 15 per cent in paid employment. Many unemployed adults with ASC are willing and able to work. However, due to the negative traits of their condition, obtaining and maintaining employment can be very difficult.   For many people with an ASC, being able to find a suitable job, being successful through a conventional interview process and retaining a job through developing positive working relations with colleagues can be very difficult in relation to difficulties with social skills, particularly non-verbal communication.   These problems are often further increased due to employers and the general public's lack of awareness and understanding of ASC together with limited information, advice or practical support being available to employers.

Due to such misconceptions, potential strengths that people with an ASC can present as employees are often overlooked. Positive traits that an ASC presents which are clearly assets in the workplace, include:   Unique perspectives, tolerance of difference, high Integrity, attention to detail, active and curious mind, trustworthy, reliable, strong ethical code, persistence, precision, perseverance, conscientious, diligent, intelligence, methodical, loyal.

Our goal by employing people with an ASC is to take positive action towards those with the condition, putting the positive traits first, to ensure that potential strengths, skills and good qualities don't go to waste.  We have tailored our organisation to offer you as an employee with an ASC an opportunity to use your unique skills.   Rather than you having to 'fit in' in a conventional working environment, we look to shape our working environment around your skills and needs as an individual, enabling your condition to become an asset rather than an impairment.

To enable us to build a database of interested prospective employees please complete our Expression of Interest form (on our sister site - Autism Works), and we will automatically notify you when job opportunities arise.

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