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Test Strategy


Test Strategy

To ensure that a software application is tested thoroughly and efficiently our first activity is to develop a Test Strategy with you. Alternatively, we can work to existing Test Strategies and from our experience, help advise, refine and improve.  The Test Strategy improves the quality of application, aids fixing defects in the early stages of development, reduce risk, improve efficiency and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.

Test Managemen


Test Management

We are versatile with our test management and can fit in into the working practices of the project. We can plan schedules that suit the intended release schedule of the product, and liaise with the key contacts in your organisation. Although we strongly advise organisations to plan their testing activities at an early stage in the project, we can take up testing activities at short notice if necessary.

Our testers are trained in issue management and will record defects with the information needed to reproduce the problem and an appropriate level of severity. By keeping our defect reports informative and relevant, we will maximise your ability to stabilise your products for release.


Functonal Testing

Functional Testing

We can help you test software to ensure that it does what it was designed to do with Functional Testing. From Functional Design documentation we can determine test data requirements, test cases, test execution planning and test reporting and can do this even before any software has been developed. In some cases, we can identify problem areas within the design which needs to be addressed prior to coding.


Regression Testing

Regression Testin

What can be more frustrating to users working with a new version of the software than discovering that the functionality that used to work suddenly doesn’t? We free developers to focus on doing what they do best, creating software and take on the responsibility for carrying out the burden of regression testing.


Where new features or modifications are added to a system, we perform target testing on functions that are liable to be broken, exploratory testing to check for oversights that may escape regular use case and requirements-based testing. We can use automation to help test consistency between version releases.

User Acceptance Testing


User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

We have extensive experience in performing UAT. 

These are acceptance tests are formal tests that verify if a system satisfies business requirements. 

They require the entire application to be running while testing and focus on replicating user behaviors. But they can also go further and measure the performance of the system and reject changes if certain goals are not met.


Usability Testing

Usability Testing

Even if an IT system is technically perfect, it still needs to be intuitive for its intended users. As an independent test team, we are able to scan for usability issues and compare the software against industry standard best practice. This allows us to identify areas which are liable to confuse users. In some instances problem areas can be rectified through simple changes to wording or layout.


We do not just identify problem areas; we will also make suggestions or recommendations on how they can be overcome. In addition, we can develop and manage remote online usability testing to a wide audience through managed tools which will record heat maps, click streams, and user feedback.



Accessibility Testing

How do you make sure that your software is accessible for anyone? It is easy to create software that is unusable for people with disabilities. see:detail examines websites against the internationally accepted Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to help you identify any potential problems of accessibility by users with disabilities.

Early intervention can help ensure that your product remains accessible to everyone.

Compatibility Testing


Compatibility Testing

How can you ensure that your applications work in a constantly changing world? With different operating systems, browsers, databases, plugins, display resolutions, etc., we will test your application against an agreed test plan covering the essential components.


For cross-browser compatibility testing we can devise a series of automated tests utilising Selenium with Firefox, then by pushing our scripts through Sauce Labs we can execute the same tests against Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox, thereby reducing not only our time but also the time for everyone involved in the development cycle.

Defect Management


Test Management Tools

We are trained and experienced in several test management tools, e.g. Jira, HP-ALM, PractiTest allowing us to track test project progress from anywhere.   
We have worked successfully on global projects with development teams literally on the other side of the world.

Data Validation


Data Validation 

We have experience in performing both types of data checks, validation and verification.  We have worked on large scale critical projects ensuring that complex controlled data was accurate, complete and consistent.

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