There are many different types of tests that can be performed on an IT system before it can be considered ready for deployment. see:detail are familiar with many of these testing types and we can tailor our services around your business.

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  • Functional: The most important test: to ensure your system does what it’s meant to do.
  • Accessibility: Particularly important on websites: to ensure that your system is available to all users, and does not exclude people with disabilities.
  • Usability: An important but easily overlooked component: to evaluate how easily a new piece of software can be learnt by regular users without backgrounds in IT.

Test Management

We are versatile with our test management strategy and can fit in into the working practices of the project. We can plan schedules that suit the intended release schedule of the product, and liaise with the key contacts in your organisation. Although we strongly advise organisations to plan their testing activities at an early stage in the project, we can take up testing activities at short notice if necessary.

Our testers are trained in issue management and will record defects with the information needed to reproduce the problem and an appropriate level of severity. By keeping our defect reports informative and relevant, we will maximise your ability to stabilise your products for release.

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