Any system that is designed to work with multiple users, such as websites or servers, needs to be tested to ensure it can cope with the expected traffic. A system that is functionally perfect with a single user can still suffer poor response times or crashes when exposed to hundreds of simultaneous users in the live environment. Performance testing aims to pre-empt these problems by simulating multiple users attempting to access the system at the same time. This can include load testing, where the system is tested against the expected level of use, and stress testing, which tests how the system copes over and above the expected level of use (such as thousands of users accessing a news site following a breaking news story).

see:detail uses automated test tools to simulate many users accessing a single system at the same time. We tailor the tests to simulate behaviour of real users, so a shopping site test could simulate some users purchasing items and other users searching and browsing. The tests are designed to ensure that all components subject to load are tested (e.g. load tests for website that include a search function would include a path that executes search queries, and not just download the pages that can be found). By recreating the conditions a system is likely to experience in the live environment, SeeDetail can help you prevent nasty surprises when it goes public.

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