Even if an IT system is technically perfect, it can still fall down if it is not intuitive for its intended users. Developers have a large amount of experience in computing and can forget the different skill levels of end-users. see:detail can use its independence to your organisation to quickly scan the site for usability issues.

Remote Testing

We now also provide remote testing and lab testing services. Remote testing is the practice of enlisting large numbers of ordinary peopple to test a website. We have special software called Loop11 which will let us create tasks for the users to complete and questions for them to answer. The software stores prerecorded answer pages for each task so that when the user clicks on submit their answer will be checked against the correct answer and correleated with other users. We can test up to 1,000 users for this process.

Lab Testing

With Lab Testing we meet real users in person and conduct tests with them in a computer lab. By doing this they can talk to us about their usability difficulties with the website and we can write notes about how well they found the required information. This is a less structured form of usability testing to remote testing and results are less likely to be correleated together to form common trends.

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