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Accessibility testing is important in software development. It's all about making sure that digital products, like websites and apps, work well for people with disabilities. Our testers will check software against standards, like the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), to find any barriers that might make it hard for people with different disabilities to use them.

Accessibility testing services are essential for any company that wants to create inclusive digital products. Our team of experienced web accessibility providers can help you to identify and fix accessibility issues, so that everyone can use your products and services.

Web accessibility testing services are not just about following rules, they are about creating a digital world where everyone can get around and find what they need. It’s good for companies because they can meet their legal obligations, reach more people, build their reputation, and make things easier for everyone.


Accessibility Testing Services

Benefits of Accessibility Testing Services

1. Inclusivity and Compliance: Accessibility testing services ensures your software complies with international web standards for accessibility, such as WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). This compliance not only demonstrates your commitment to inclusivity but also helps you avoid legal issues related to accessibility.

2. Expanded User Base: By making software accessible, you open the doors to a larger user base, including people with disabilities. This can lead to increased market reach and potential revenue growth.

3. Enhanced Reputation: Demonstrating a commitment to accessibility enhances your company's reputation. Users, both with and without disabilities, appreciate businesses that prioritise inclusivity.

4. Improved Usability: Accessibility improvements often lead to a more user-friendly interface. Features such as clear navigation and adaptable content benefit all users.

5. SEO and Search Ranking: Accessible websites and applications tend to perform better in search engine rankings, further increasing a company’s online visibility.

What we do

As a web accessiblity provider we offer comprehensive accessibility software testing. Our service includes:

1. Accessibility Audits: We conduct thorough audits of your software to identify accessibility issues and provide actionable recommendations for improvement.

2. Testing Across Platforms: Our testing covers various platforms, including web, mobile, and desktop, ensuring a consistent and accessible user experience.

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01  Grey Matters

GreyMatters Healthcare was developing a Palliative Care IT system which is to be used by both patients and carers. 


see:detail was commissioned to perform accessibility testing on the prototype prior to deployment to stakeholders.

see:detail identified a number of issues and made recommendations to resolve issues identified on all three "A" levels for the Telehealth portal.

Please open the following pdf to read the Case Study.

Accessibility |   UK

Frog | Accessibility Testing Services

02   Ministry of Justice

Conformance with WCAG standards is a strong defense that customers with disabilities are not excluded from using websites. 

see:detail was commissioned to carry out an assessment of the Ministry of Justice Digital Hub website.


The main site was assessed by performing targeted exploratory checks, concentrating on areas known to be high risk for accessibility issues, such as video content. 

Please open the following pdf to read the Case Study

Accessibility   |   UK

Staircase | Accessibility Testing Services

03   Orchard

see:detail carried out a thorough assessment of the website against the web content accessibility guidelines standard. A report of all potential problems was discovered and returned to the client.

Aside from some simple improvements to forms and a skip navigation link, the website was well on its way to securing WCAG A-level criteria.

The outcome was excellent for a first test and this is one of the best websites see:detail has tested.

With work the website could achieve the higher criteria.

Accessibility   |   UK

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