Peter Macdonald, Managing Director

Peter MacdonaldFormerly Technology Director at Newcastle based IT company Croft Technology plc (now TSG Enterprise Solutions), Peter spent many months working with staff and students at ESPA and recognised their talents and abilities within the autism spectrum. From this experience, Peter created Autism Works with ESPA to build a Social Enterprise with the goal of offering sustainable employment opportunities to people with an ASC in the field of software testing, and other IT tasks. Peter is convinced that the positive traits of autism will provide business and society with a valuable set of skills often not found in the workplace. Peter thanks the staff and students for giving him the inspiration and the IT industry for being the springboard!

Chris Mitchell, Operations Manager

Chris MitchellChris was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome in 1998 when 20-years old before graduating from Northumbria University with an MA (Hons) in Information Management. After a decade of giving talks, seminars and workshops on Asperger's Syndrome throughout the UK and internationally, Chris was appointed Operations Manager at Autism Works in September 2010. Chris was an active member of the External Reference Group seeing the Autism Bill successfully become an Act of Parliament in 2009, bringing an essential law into place which protects the rights of people with Autism and Aspergers Syndrome. Chris has also written two books on Asperger's and his experience of living with the condition.

Daniel Cottrell, Test Analyst

Daniel CottrellDaniel is an ISEB qualified Test Analyst and also looks after the technical development of our website and testing tools development with a particular interest in mobile testing technologies.  Daniel graduated from Northumbria University with a BSc (Hons) in Internet Computing in 2006.  Dan keeps a technical blog - Test Igniter where he shares technical information on Software Testing and has a huge following.

Chris Neville-Smith, Test Analyst

Chris Neville-SmithChris is a qualified Test Analyst and has extensive experience in software testing having worked on many systems including several years at the Passport Office.  Chris has a PhD in Computational Inorganic Chemistry and is training to be our Test Manager.  Chris keeps several blogs including one on his thoughts on software testing, you can find links to them all here.

Anj Newbury, Test Analyst

Anj is currently a voluntary worker and is our star!  Anj has extensive experience in testing going back to the milennium bug back in 1999. We hope to do her Julian Opie pic soon!

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