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Test Management


Test Management: Whether you have your own testers ready or need testers provided for you, our test management process can take the lead and ensure the testing is both diligent and efficient.

Benefits of Test Management

1. Coverage: To be confident your software is fit for deployment to live, you need to ensure that everything at risk of failure has a test against it. Test managers will analyse your requirements and plan accordingly.

2. Support: It is easy for individuals tasked to execute tests to end up going through test steps without understanding what they are testing. Test managers will work with testers throughout execution, ensuring that they properly understand the purpose of tests and provide swift diagnostics to any issues found.

3. Efficiency: It is possible to provide blanket coverage by running one test per requirement, but this often causes excessive duplicate testing of the main features. Test managers will plan tests to prioritise testing of high-risk areas and minimise testing time wasted by duplication.

4. Compliance: Many products require assurance from internal and external regulators that the software is tested. By ensuring that test execution is documented to the standards required, and managers can assure you have the evidence needed to demonstrate your product was tested properly.

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What we do:

1 Test case planning: We analyse requirement documents and project specifications to understand the expected behaviour of the software. This step helps define the scope of testing and identifies high level test scenarios. We do our test case management in jira.

2. Business analyst liaison: During the planning phase, we can work with those responsible for design of the system. Frequently we are able to identify oversights in the specification and help the project deliver in improved design.

3. Management of test execution: Whether we are working with our own testers or testers supplied by yourself; whether we are working with test scripts written by us or test scripts supplied to use; we can manage the test execution to ensure all runs are accounted for.

4. Defect management: A failed step in a test run can mean anything from minor discrepancies in test data to a symptom of a more serious problem. We can ensure that all defects are properly documented, and use our knowledge to identify what is harmless and what needs action. We can use test management software such JIRA to manage defects.

5. Reporting: It is often necessary to write up test reports in a format needed for compliance. We can create such reports in whatever format is needed, whilst also ensuring that key findings are documented in an accessible format for future reference.

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01  Opencast Software

Our client wanted to improve their testing practices to reduce risks, costs and time, meet the needs of the business and increase software quality.

see:detail used the TMMI model to assess the current state of testing and make recommendations for improvements. We reviewed the test documents, artefacts, processes, governance and traceability, and observed the test teams in action. 

A series of recommendations and roadmap were made for improvements to process areas to progress to higher levels in the maturity model.

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02   Covid

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03   Lycetts

Lycetts run OpenGI, used to administer insurance quotes. Unlike many comparable products that use a web interface, OpenGI is a bespoke programme using its own windows.

Much of the work conducted was very bespoke and hard to generalise. see:detail’s responsibilities varied from task to task, but generally covered any functionality, calculations, and end-to-end processes required by the client.

Functional   |   UK

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