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Manual Testing Services


Manual testing: The human touch that ensures your software is thoroughly tested and free of defects, even the most complex and nuanced ones that automated tests can miss.

Functional Testing Solutions

Benefits of Manual Testing:

1. Thorough Evaluation: Manual functional testing allows our testers to perform a comprehensive evaluation of the software's functionality, ensuring the functionality meets expectations. Our testers have a very detailed approach and can simulate real user interactions, uncovering subtle issues that automated tests may miss.


2. User-Centric Perspective: Our testers can assess the user experience directly, ensuring the software is intuitive, responsive, and user-friendly. They verify that user interfaces and interactions work as intended.


3. Exploratory Testing: In addition to functional testing, our testers can and do explore the system beyond the scope of formal test scripts. Our testers will actively explore the software to uncover unexpected issues or behaviors. This flexibility is invaluable for identifying usability problems and handling edge cases.


4. Adaptability: Through manual testing, we can easily adapt to changes in software design or functionality. Our testers can adjust test scenarios to accommodate updates, ensuring ongoing quality assurance.

Manual Testing - What we do

1. Test Planning: Testers begin by analysing requirement documents and project specifications to understand the expected behavior of the software. This step helps define the scope of testing and identifies high level test scenarios.


2. Test Case Creation: Our Testers will define specific test scenarios and conditions to evaluate and validate the functionality the software ensuring that it meets intended requirements and functions correctly.


3. Test Scripting: Testers will prepare Test Scripts from previously prepared test scenarios.  A test script in software testing is a set of detailed instructions that specify how to perform a particular test on the software application.

4.  Test Execution: Our Testers will formally  execute predefined test scripts on a software application to assess its functionality, identify bugs or errors, and compare the expected outcomes with the actual results.

5. Defect Identification: During testing, our Testers actively identify defects, inconsistencies, or unexpected behaviour. Any issues found will be documented along with detailed steps to reproduce defects, aiding developer resolution.

6. Reporting and Communication: Our Testers generate test reports that include test results, identified defects, and relevant observations. Effective communication with the development team ensures prompt issue resolution.

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01  St John Ambulance

We were commissioned to test an application for St John Ambulance that was being ported from its existing iPhone/iPad App to Android.


The transfer of the application added the complexity of moving from a single operating system with single screen dimensions and resolution, to the Android operating system with multiple versions, multiple handsets and multiple screen dimensions and resolutions.


The requirement from St John Ambulance was that the App functioned the same on Android as it did on the Apple platform. 

see:detail was heavily involved in this Manual / Functional testing.

Please click on this link to read our Case Study.

Functional   |   UK

02   Mi Case

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Casmaco Ltd was commissioned by a large US-based law enforcement agency to extend the functionality of its Mi-Case system to manage all aspects of inmate administration. 


The system encompasses many components from allocating cells to parole and release. 

see:detail were contracted to provide independent Manual / Functional software testing for the Grievance module, which is to be used by the Inmate Grievance Office to process the grievances raised by inmates throughout the state.


Please click on this link to read our Case Study.

Functional   |   UK

03   Answer Consultancy

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ParentMail is a website used by schools to facilitate communication between the school and parents. ParentMail has a registered 3.5 million user base.


A new version, ParentMail 2, was commissioned to consolidate features that had been added to make it easier to cater for individuals/


see:detail were commissioned by Answer Consulting to carry out independent Manual / Functional software testing.

Please click on this link and read our case study.

Functional   |   UK

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