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Regression Test Services


If you are developing software, you know how important it is to ensure its quality and functionality. But what happens when you make changes to your code, add new features, or fix bugs? How do you make sure that your software still works as expected and does not introduce new errors or regressions?  That's where regression software testing comes in and where we can help you achieve this.


We provide the best regression test services that will verify that your software still meets its requirements and specifications after any modifications. It helps us detect and prevent any unintended consequences of your changes, such as breaking existing features, reducing performance, or compromising security.  We give full test coverage including QA regression testing and End-to-End testing and work direct with developers to uncover and retest defect fixes before go live. Regression testing is a big part of this, please read on to see the Benefits.  

Benefits of using a Regression Testing Services Company

Regression testing has many advantages for software development, such as:


- Improving the quality and reliability of your software by ensuring that it meets the expected standards and criteria.
- Reducing the risk of delivering faulty or defective software to your customers or users, which can damage your reputation and cause dissatisfaction or frustration.
- Saving time and money by avoiding rework, debugging, or fixing issues that could have been prevented by regression testing.
- Increasing confidence and trust in your software by knowing that it works as intended and does not have any hidden problems or defects.

What we do

At see:detail we are a regression testing services company as part of our services we offer for clients.  We offer regression test services,  for your software projects. 


Our team are experienced, qualified and certified to regression testing ISTQB certification level status and can perform various types of regression testing, such as:


- Functional regression testing: Testing the functionality and behaviour of your software after changes.
- Integration regression testing: Testing the interaction and integration of different components or modules of your software after changes.
- System regression testing: Testing the entire system or application of your software after changes.


We use various tools and techniques to perform regression testing efficiently and effectively. We can also automate some or all of the regression testing processes to save time and resources. Our regression test service caters for your requirements.

Our Testers will provide you with detailed reports and feedback on the results of our regression testing, and help you resolve any issues or defects that we find.

We have been told we are one of the best regression test service around the world and you will find we are a friendly regression testing services company looking to help your business flourish. 

Join us Today

If you would like to involve see:detail with your project please send us a message via our contact form now.


01  Deloitte

Two Test Analysts from see:detail were sub-contracted by Deloitte Test Services to carry out regression testing on behalf of their client.

The system under test was an upgraded virtual environment for the client based on the Citrix platform. Most, or all of the components were commercial off-the-shelf products, from well-known mainstream products such as Microsoft Windows and Office, but also specialist applications for law firms.

Regression   |   Global

02   Answer Consulting

Functional   |   UK

ParentMail is a website used by schools to facilitate communication between the school and parents. ParentMail has a registered 3.5 million user base.


A new version, ParentMail 2, was commissioned to consolidate features that had been added to make it easier to cater for individuals.


see:detail were commissioned by Answer Consulting to carry out independent Manual / Functional software testing.

Please click on this link and read our case study.

03   abcde

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Functional   |   USA

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