Making websites inaccessible to those with disabilities is an easy mistake. Simple choices such as adding a form to a pdf, or not providing textual descriptions for images can make screen readers used by blind users unusable. Other cosmetic additions can make sites unusable, such as animated images for people with epilepsy, and low-contrast colour combinations for partially-sighted users. Information in podcasts or videos must also have textual transcripts or even sign language provided to meet the most stringent accessibility standards. Most of these issues are entirely avoidable with a bit caution.

see:detail examines websites against the internationally-accepted Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WGAG) 2.0, to look for any problems with accessibility. The solutions to accessibility issues are usually cheap and convenient if found early enough; SeeDetail can ensure that your product remains accessible to everyone. A website in question is tested against the WCAG using a special checklist. This will score your website and provide notes for improvement.

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