Ensuring your system behaves how it was designed may seem like an obvious requirement of any release, but this easily neglected. A component that worked perfectly in isolation can behave in unexpected ways as part of a full system, and a system that appears to be working at first glance can produce all sorts of errors when operated by real users. Imagine a Checkout button on a shopping site that redirects users to the wrong page, or sensitive documents made available to every user in a workplace system. Functional testing enables erroneous behaviour to be identified and fixed in faulty components, and confidence to be built in working components.

At see:detail we will analyse your system's business and functional requirements and devise test cases that cover these requirements. Where possible, our test cases will simulate the actions of real users accessing the system, as it is these scenarios that need to be error-free. We will prioritise our testing for the highest-risk areas, both functions that carry the highest risk to the business if faulty, and functions that are known to be prone to difficulties.

We include regression testing in our services, so that where new features or modifications are added to the system we will perform targeted testing on functions that are liable to be broken. We will also include exploratory testing, and use our experience to check for security loopholes and any oversights that may escape regular use case and requirements-based testing. We make use of test automation where appropriate, such as data preparation and repeat tests for regression testing, but only use this to complement, not replace, manual testing.

see:detail can give you peace of mind that your software is safe for live deployment.

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